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Our team has ten years of experience in cooperation with companies in the pharmaceutical industry. Bever Solutions is a set of specialized features on the Microsoft Dynamics 365 platform that enable digital transformation in accordance with GMP standards for a wide range of tasks, such as manufacturing dossiers, Deviations, Preventive and Corrective Actions (CAPA), Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), Laboratory Testing, Quality Management and Changes Management. Our solutions have been successfully validated for use in the pharmaceutical industry.

One of the main challenges for pharmaceutical organizations is to actively collaborate with partners, in particular, with suppliers, biolabs, clinics, doctors, pharmacies to provide a better experience, better cooperation, better ideas and results. It is necessary to increase the involvement of all interacting companies for the timely release of necessary drugs and quality assurance in accordance with industry standards, such as GMP, FDA, etc.

Bever's Pharmaceutical Solutions enable you to unify data, improve operational efficiency, and coordinate complex workflows across departments while meeting regulatory requirements.

The main functions in the pharmaceutical solution are

- assessment of ingredient suppliers and selection of the optimal solution

- automatic generation of required lists of tests for laboratory research

- identifying deviations and determining the necessary corrective and preventive actions

- management of production steps and related standard operating procedures (CAPA). Production dossier generation

- quality and change management

- advanced analytics, security and risk prediction

- processing of feedback data for the accounting of pharmaceutical supervision

Power Engineering. Renewable energy. Wind turbines.

Field service includes the management of the technological chain of service work at the location of the customer's assets (buildings, machines, equipment, devices, etc.).

The maintenance process involves many interrelated tasks and can be quite complex. Field service organization includes tasks such as dispatching, planning, skills matching, selection of certified engineers, route optimization, job optimization, work results processing and many others.

However, field service can vary greatly depending on the specific industry and even the specific organization. The Bever Field Service Solution for Wind Turbines is a specialized solution that automates the entire process of servicing the entire complex of equipment involved in wind energy production.
Bever's field service solution helps organizations quickly and efficiently perform corrective and preventive maintenance of wind turbines and associated electrical equipment.
This, in turn, reduces the risk of component failure and improves safety by minimizing downtime . Regular maintenance with the Bever solution maximizes our customers' return on investment.
Our solution is built on the Dynamics 365 field service platform, adapted and enhanced with new features for wind turbine field service management. This solution can be easily adapted to other areas of renewable energy.

The solution is highly customizable and easy to use for all user levels, from planners and dispatchers to engineers and analysts.

The main benefit of Microsoft Dynamics 365 field service solutions is to reduce costs through increased efficiency while increasing revenue, increasing customer loyalty and trust.

Key features and benefits։
- customer asset management system (wind turbines, their structure, related equipment, etc.)
- processing service requests
- resource scheduling and job scheduling tools for work orders and customer service
- Visualization of local processes, optimization of service schedules, efficient routing and optimal selection of resources
- tools for collaboration and operational interaction of customer service agents, dispatchers, field technicians and engineers.
- functions of serving the entire process of field service management from planning and initiation to the actual execution of work and analysis of results. Equipment maintenance history and a detailed description of all maintenance tasks performed
- automatic generation of recurring appointments for technical preventive and repair maintenance of equipment
 - automatic accounting of components in warehouse stocks, inventory
- issuing invoices, including performed service work and used components and consumables
- analytical reporting on key performance indicators as a result of completed work tasks

Renewable energy sources, among which wind energy, have received much attention in recent years. However, they are still not widely used worldwide. One of the main problems is the complexity and high cost of maintaining the relevant equipment. Our team has developed solution on the Microsoft Dynamics for Field Service platform that manages wind turbine maintenance and helps overcome this challenge for the Wind Power.

IT Industry

We are constantly expanding the range of technology tools that help IT companies to effectively carry out ongoing projects. The practice of implementing IT projects, interaction with technology companies showed what problems need to be overcome for the quality implementation of projects and taking into account all possible risks. Our solutions for the IT industry are designed to overcome these challenges. You can check out the PowerApps PCF Controls line of tools and our tutorial articles on our Market Place.

Banking & Finance

Built on top of Microsoft Dynamics 365, our solution for financial institutions and banks empowers businesses to automate key processes to improve operational efficiency. Our digital transformation solutions cover processes such as customer risk assessment and lending, cash flow tracking, P&L reporting, financial forecasting and more...

The solution, which includes the process of managing loans for legal entities and individuals, is successfully used by our clients from the banking sector. This system allows you to quickly consolidate information about the creditor, conduct a risk assessment and prepare an analytical report for managers of the credit department in order to make quick and accurate decisions. 

At the same time, the system drastically reduces the time for research and evaluation of the lender, thereby reducing operating costs and increasing the efficiency of the lending department.

 What is the advantage of our industry solutions?

Not only every industry is specific. The goals and objectives of companies in the same industry may differ. Therefore, our industry solutions reflect, on the one hand, the specifics of the industry, on the other hand, they are easily customizable to the needs of a particular organization in this industry. Taking into account the specified industry features and specific goals of the organization is the main strategy of our company in the implementation of digital transformation. Our specialists have accumulated extensive industry and customer experience.



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