BeverCRM products

Sector solutions on Microsoft Dynamics 365 platform

BeverCRM Field Service

Complete Field Service management solution, including:

- Work order, resource and inventory management

- Schedule board and dispatch by using list or map view

- Preventive maintenance management by configuring service agreements to automatically        generate work orders

- Mobile app for easy access to all information techs need to successfully execute work order

BeverCRM Pharm

Management of processes in pharmaceutical manufacturing companies, including:

- Unified base of ingredients and drugs, suppliers, manufacturers and clients

- Visits of medical representatives

- Electronic dossier of batch production in compliance with GMP standards

- Quality Control and pharmacovigilance

- Change Management 

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BeverCRM Clinic 

- Unified system of managing relationship with clients, including electronic patient card, history of hospital stay

- Management of all inner processes- visit registrations, resource planning, control over patient stay expenses, including medical services, operations, treatments etc.

- Control over effective work of medical personal

BeverCRM Distribution

- Unified base of suppliers and clients

- Procurement management, warehousing

- Management of sales pipeline

- Sales management, control over payments, receivables

- Sales analysis, analytical reports per products, clients, financial periods; ABC-analysis etc.

BeverCRM Loan Management

- Management of loan processes

- Receiving and accepting loan applications

- Scoring and data analyzing

- Signing contracts and document management

- Credit lending and client service 

- Management of problem loans 

- Analytical reports


- Service management in autocenters

- Resource planning

- Placing orders, performance of service works

- Service quality control

The Power of BeverCRM Solutions

On Microsoft Dynamics 365 platform


Any data can be viewed through graphs, diagrams, views and dashboards


Employees can have access to the system through mobile devices ( tablets, smartphones) at any time from anywhere


Powerful tools of security policies in compliance with employee roles and access rights


A wide range of tools to analyze data and generate analytical reports


User-friendly interface, easy integration with office applications


Easy integration with other applications, importing and exporting tools

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