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OUR SERVICESBeverCRM provides a wide range of services starting from pre-project survey and management consulting up to implementation of CRM systems, automation of business processes and data analysis. 

Pre-project survey

Discussion of business goals,  express diagnostics of processes and key indicators of effectiveness

CRM Implementation

Development and customization of Microsoft Dynamics 365 in compliance with Sure Step Technology (phased implementation of functional tasks)

Migration and data visualization

By using modern ways of data export and analyzes we migrate information from various data sources to CRM system and create graphic views

Data analysis and reporting

We implement system of data analysis and reporting for all users, e.g. top managers, employees etc

Support of CRM systems

Ongoing support in the form of consultations and employee trainings, as well as through customizing and updating CRM systems

CRM audit

Customizing existing CRM systems in compliance with customer demands and tasks



We will assist you in making your company manageable and effective

Microsoft Dynamics 365 will contribute to increasing your profitability, cutting expenses and managing risks


Implement a system to provide best customer service


Work even more effectively by implementing a system of process automation and data analysis


Use communication technologies for organizing effective teamwork

Key indicators

Define key indicators of work for your company


Manage your processes and measure key indicators of effectiveness


Optimize processes, coordinate works and improve your indicators

Analyze data and get reports

Dashboards, graphs, diagrams, lists, advanced find

Build your right strategy to work with clients

How to keep existing clients and involve new ones


Segment client bases, define customer needs so that to provide high quality service.


Define the value of products/services, which will contribute to solving customer issues.


Get customer feedbacks, provide trainings to employees so that to ensure high quality.

Microsoft Dynamics 365

Analysis   Project architecting   Implementation   Discussion

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