We Implement management tools onMICROSOFT DYNAMICS 365 Platform

Modern strategy for your business prosperity

Innovative CRM Solutions needed for growing your business


Sell effectively, achieve success, increase sales volumes. Manage your sales pipeline effectively starting from the first contact up to making a deal.


Automate manufacturing processes, record all stages, including incidents and deviations. Generate electronic dossier of batch production and increase product quality. 


Manage marketing campaigns effectively, segment your client base, increase customer loyalty, control over the effectiveness of marketing activities.

Human Resource Management

Create process-adaptive management scheme and organizational structure. Manage effectively  the issues of trainings and teamwork, keep control over performance, realize KPI analyses.

Customer service

Give immediate response to your customer cases, provide high quality service, cut service expenses and increase service quality.  >>                        

Financial Management

Keep track of key financial indicators, do plan-fact analyses, get quick analytical reports, Realize financial predictions and make accurate decisions. 

Implement innovations Manage processes effectively 


Our knowledge, experience and sense of responsibility- to assist your business


We'll contribute to implementing technological tools of management, due to which you'll achieve the following results:

  • Increase sales volumes and profitability of the company
  • Cut ongoing expenses
  • Manage risks and make timely decisions

BeverCRM solutions for small and medium businesses

Combining people and technologies will make your clients happy

Bever CRM solutions will contribute to managing key processes.

Manage your company starting from procurement and human resource management up to finances and teamwork. Bever CRM solutions on Microsoft Dynamics 365 platform provide small and medium companies full control over key processes, accuracy in formulating tasks and means to analyze needs so that to create conditions for effective work. Implementing innovations we help companies to realize the following 5 main strategies:

  • Corporate strategy
  • Marketing and product strategy
  • Sales strategy
  • HR strategy

BeverCRM: convenience for users

Processes, analytics, teamwork

Company owners. Strategic planning and setting KPI for CEOs and heads of departments.Management of meetings, collective setting of goals

 CEOs. General management and coordination of operate works, achieving strategic goals, management of communication rules

Heads of departments. Planning ways to achieve target indicators. Setting KPIs for employees, developing means to measure and control.

Employees. Automation of tasks and operations, performing works in compliance with tasks, full recording of actual timing and results.

 Advantages of BeverCRM

Guarantee of quality

17 years in IT market. Tens of successful projects for companies of various sectors of distribution, manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, services.                         

Experienced managers

We have certified professionals. They aim to achieve high performance.                                                                                      

Service support

Full support during the whole life cycle of the system, consulting,      implementation of new processes,                         optimization, trainings.  

Microsoft Dynamics 365

Benefits of use


User-friendly interface


Full integration with Office applications


Powerful instruments for visualizing and analyzing data. Generation of reports


Ease of management of business processes and control over performance


Quick return on investment


Low total cost of ownership (ТСО)

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