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Bever Systems, as a Microsoft partner, helps its customers build a digital enterprise step by step on the Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Power platforms.Our teams customer experience and industry knowledge, including innovative solutions, help companies achieve their goals and ensure long-term success.

How can we help you?

Our mission is to relentlessly strive to deliver the best results for your business from concept to completion and exceed your expectations. We work with clients from various fields including Energy, Manufacturing, Pharmaceuticals, Healthcare, IT... Our team leads the project from communication with the client and deep understanding of the problems and your vision to the implementation of the tasks set for us, using the most advanced technologies such as platforms Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Power. We deliver end-to-end solutions and services on the Microsoft Dynamics 365 platforms, leveraging our customer experience and in-house intelligence to provide continuous innovation and maximize our clients' business value. We help you achieve the best results by combining innovations from Microsoft and our industry-specific digital transformation delivery model. This model, built into the Microsoft platform, provides an intelligent roadmap, tools and resources to quickly and efficiently transform your business.

Digital Transformation Consultancy

Bever Systems consultants penetrate deeply into the processes in your organization, clarify all tasks according to our system questionnaire. This helps you understand your goals and vision in detail. Next, we prioritize that will get you up and running quickly and optimize your investment. Thanks to the Dynamics 365 platform and our own methodology for implementing digital transformation, we provide the best return on investment in a short time.

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Business Management & Finance Solutions

Do your work productively, get easy access to important data and quickly make decisions. We will provide you with a single integrated system that optimizes your processes and financial flows in sales, marketing and service. Thanks to Microsoft Dynamics 365 & Power platforms, and our step-by-step process optimization methodology, you will achieve high productivity while significantly reducing operating costs.

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Solution for Field Service

Optimize your resources for the efficient work of your customer service staff and reduce operating costs. We will help you implement a flexible and scalable platform to quickly resolve customer issues and reduce downtime. Exceed your customers expectations with every interaction by providing a personalized service. With years of project experience, our team will provide you with the features and settings you need and ensure a quick installation of a Field Service System fully tailored to your specific needs.

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Data Migration

For flexible management of multiple systems, lower maintenance costs and ease of implementation of innovative solutions, Bever Systems specialists will migrate of Dynamics 365 solutions, as well as third-party programs. Our developments include a wide range of tools that allow you to quickly and efficiently perform data migration from other systems to Dynamics 365, as well as migration to the Azure cloud.

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Data Integration

If you are already using some software and want to keep your previous investments, we will help you to integrate various programs in the shortest possible time. With the power of the Dynamics 365, Power System and Azure platforms, our team is integrates existing systems and gives you easy access to your data. For complex systems, we use a wide range of proprietary features to integrate systems, processes and data.

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software tools

Software Tools

We are constantly researching and developing new software tools on the Dynamics 365 platform that help our IT partners develop software for their customers more efficiently. Our portfolio contains various solutions, including PowerApps PCF Controls. Our team has developed a rich set of APIs and user controls that make the user experience efficient and reusable across different entities (tables) and forms.

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Why are we manning team for third-party projects? Why is it important to recruit a team for third-party projects?

One of Bevers priorities is also the full assistance and support of projects of third-party companies that are aimed at the digital transformation of organizations in various industries. The IT company community is one of the main driving forces for research and development of innovations for the whole world. Therefore, we are always ready to provide our human resources to other companies to participate in certain projects. We can staff (manning) and provide software development companies with a team of professional developers on Dynamics 365 & Power System platforms, including consultants, analysts, programmers, quality specialists, solution architects, project managers, IT trainers.Find out more ...

What is the advantage of our industry solutions?

Not only every industry is specific. The goals and objectives of companies in the same industry may differ. Therefore, our industry solutions reflect, on the one hand, the specifics of the industry, on the other hand, they are easily customizable to the needs of a particular organization in this industry. Taking into account the specified industry features and specific goals of the organization is the main strategy of our company in the implementation of digital transformation. Our specialists have accumulated extensive industry and customer experience.


Renewable energy sources, among which wind energy, have received much attention in recent years. However, they are still not widely used worldwide. One of the main problems is the complexity and high cost of maintaining the relevant equipment. Our team has developed solution on the Microsoft Dynamics for Field Service platform that manages wind turbine maintenance and helps overcome this challenge for the Wind Power.Find our more...



Our team has ten years of experience in cooperation with companies in the pharmaceutical industry. Bever Solutions is a set of specialized features on the Microsoft Dynamics 365 platform that enable digital transformation in accordance with GMP standards for a wide range of tasks, such as manufacturing dossiers, Deviations, Preventive and Corrective Actions (CAPA), Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), Laboratory Testing, Quality Management and Changes Management. Our solutions have been successfully validated for use in the pharmaceutical industry.Find our more...



We are constantly expanding the range of technology tools that help IT companies to effectively carry out ongoing projects. The practice of implementing IT projects, interaction with technology companies showed what problems need to be overcome for the quality implementation of projects and taking into account all possible risks. Our solutions for the IT industry are designed to overcome these challenges. You can check out the PowerApps PCF Controls line of tools and our tutorial articles on our Find our more...



Built on top of Microsoft Dynamics 365, our solution for financial institutions and banks empowers businesses to automate key processes to improve operational efficiency. Our digital transformation solutions cover processes such as customer risk assessment and lending, cash flow tracking, P&L reporting, financial forecasting and more..Find our more...

Bever: convenience for users

Processes, analytics, teamwork

Company owners.

Strategic planning and setting KPI for CEOs and heads of departments.Management of meetings, collective setting of goals


General management and coordination of operate works, achieving strategic goals, management of communication rules

Heads of departments.

Planning ways to achieve target indicators. Setting KPIs for employees, developing means to measure and control.


Automation of tasks and repetitive operations, performing works in compliance with tasks, full recording of actual timing and results.


Guarantee of quality

Guarantee of quality

17 years in IT market. Tens of successful projects for companies of various sectors of distribution, manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, services.

Experienced managers

Experienced managers

We have certified professionals. They aim to achieve high performance.

Service support

Service support

Full support during the whole life cycle of the system, consulting, implementation of new processes, optimization, trainings.

Microsoft Dynamics 365

Benefits of use



User-friendly interface



Full integration with Office applications



Powerful instruments for visualizing and analyzing data. Generation of reports



Ease of management of business processes and control over performance



Quick return on investment



Low total cost of ownership (ТСО)

Implement innovations
Manage processes effectively

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We'll contribute to implementing technological tools of management, due to which you'll achieve the following results:

  • Increase sales volumes and profitability of the company
  • Cut ongoing expenses
  • Management of risks and make timely decisions

Combining people and technologies will make your clients happy

Bever's solutions will contribute to managing key processes.

Manage your company starting from procurement and human resource management up to finances and teamwork. Bever solutions on Microsoft Dynamics 365 platform provide small and medium companies full control over key processes, accuracy in formulating tasks and means to analyze needs so that to create conditions for effective work. Implementing innovations we help companies to realize the following 5 main strategies:

  • Corporate strategy
  • Marketing and product strategy
  • Sales strategy
  • HR strategy