Service management overview   

The services provided by Bever cover a wide range of services required to support the digital transformation of customers. We service systems built on Dynamics365 and Power platforms, and this service is an integral part of the entire digital transformation process for customers. Support, including updating for new versions, consultations, changes and additional user training, always ends with an analysis of the results obtained and an assessment of the quality of the work performed.

The Bever's service include:
- Consultations on the analysis and implementation of digital transformation for customers
- Quick setup and implementation of a standard Dynamics 365 solution  

- Data migration and systems integration
- Helpdesk for quick responses from our experts to resolve any issues with Dynamics 365 and Power System.
- Quickly connecting the required technical specialists to solve tasks such as creating processes, setting up functions to expand your system.
- Trainings and user education, including both remote interaction and directly in the Bever training center.

Among the technological developments of Bever, the to development of controls tools a key place. These tools help improve the user experience with data in forms, views, and dashboards. The line of controls tools is constantly expanding. Control tools delivery service is aimed at both developers and end users.

We provide our clients with a full range of services: from consulting to implementation and further support, including training, change management, improvements and optimization


Digital transformation consulting with Microsoft Dynamics 365 solutions will provide you with the only portfolio of intelligent business applications that will enable everyone to achieve high results and create a more attractive customer experience.

 Consultations cover the whole range of important issues from research, identification of key indicators and assessment of their current values to decisions on process optimization aimed at improving these key indicators and improving the efficiency of organizations. 

Functional consultants of Bever leverage Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Microsoft Power Platform to anticipate and plan for customer needs. Our consultations are accompanied by a demonstration of how Dynamics 365 and Power Platform will allow you to realize the required strategic ideas by automating processes, increasing the efficiency of interaction between organizational units, access to data visualization and fast analytical reports. Our consultants constantly improve their knowledge based on research and experience in implementing solutions for clients from various industries, including energy, pharmaceuticals, banks and others. We hold specialized seminars where we demonstrate all the benefits of our solutions to ensure that we achieve the best possible results for our clients.

Implementation of Dynamics 365

Bever applies collective knowledge, expert advice, and case study experience

Program managers, solution architects, Bever engineers successfully implement Dynamics 365 according to the implementation guide (Dynamics 365 Success by Design). If necessary, ready-made specialized solutions are installed on the Dynamics 365 platform. Also, in the process of project implementation, they develop and supplement the installed Dynamics 365 platform with new solutions. At the same time, at all stages of installation, configuration and additions to the implemented system, quality control, necessary organizational and technical changes, risk assessment and compliance with specified specifications are carried out.

In accordance with the updates from Microsoft, the Bever team notifies our customers and conducts a detailed update of Dynamics 365, conducts relevant seminars, presentations and trainings for company employees.
Drawing on experience from previous Dynamics 365 implementations, Bever applies collective knowledge, expert advice, and case study experience to generate new ideas and optimize the resources needed to successfully complete projects. Our project teams use an updated success metrics template to help you effectively track the status of ongoing projects. This allows our solution architects to address technical and design risks in a project before they materialize as issues affecting our clients' investment in Dynamics 365. In turn, the Microsoft case study provides an inside look at the evolution of the Microsoft Success by Design platform. The beginning of any project is a study of the key aspects of a comprehensive implementation strategy to realize the expected digital transformation. In this step, we identify business drivers and metrics to measure successful implementation. Next, the project teams justify the choice of the best methodology for deploying the system and determine the change management strategy for successful project management.

Bever successfully implements Dynamics 365 according to the implementation guide.

Data Integration

System integration is one of the key services we provide to our clients with the ability to work together across different applications.

Data integration allows organizations to directly view strategies and business decisions, and generate actionable business intelligence to evaluate key metrics and make accurate decisions. We combine data from different sources that can be processed, transformed and included in the data warehouse, thereby helping our clients to easily aggregate them, regardless of their type, structure and volume.

System and data integration is an integral part of application development and IT processes.

System integration not only frees users from routine work, but also eliminates the risks of operator errors associated with data duplication, manual entry of the same information into different systems, etc.

Often companies are faced with the need to combine data from different sources into one view or into a single report.

This allows you to create a single view of complex processes and provides an opportunity for deep data analysis and accurate decision making.

One of the integration methods is the automatic synchronization of the same data by transferring them from one system to another at specified intervals. Such synchronization is necessary in cases where it is undesirable to change the code in the applications themselves. The Bever company has developed a special template that includes a description of the source, structure and value of the selected data and a system with a data structure where the selected data will be sent.

Another integration method is the joint integration of processes and data across systems.

The bottom line is that when a process is launched in one of the systems or the value of a certain indicator changes, the integration application initiates the launch of a process in another system. For this, an additional application is being created to track processes and data.

The following integration processes are applicable in different situations:

Data replication

Data virtualization

Data Change Tracking

Stream Integration

Key benefits of data integration:

- improved and more valuable information

- productive collaboration

- fast and easy access to data regardless of its source

- return on investment

- reduction of operator errors

- Improved interaction with customers and partners

- advanced analytics, accurate forecasting and fast decision making

- Complete overview of processes and real-time data.

Data Migration

Bever solutions help you move to a new data platform by ensuring data compatibility and high processing performance.

The need to transfer data mainly arises in the following two cases:
- it is necessary to transfer actual data to the new system from the old one
- it is necessary to transfer data from one system synchronously to another system. For example, data from an accounting program can be transferred at certain points in time to a system on the Dynamics 365 platform.
The data migration feature set developed by the Bever team, along with existing solutions from Microsoft, not only helps with data migration, but also monitors and identifies possible compatibility issues that need to be addressed.
There are other cases where data migration is necessary. For example, moving solutions and local data to the cloud. Another case of migration may be the need to create a new instance of an existing system for some test work.
Bever specialists have extensive experience in implemented projects in which it was necessary to migrate data, systems and configurations of varying complexity. For example, Bever has done a number of projects using configuration migration tools between Dynamics 365 instances and organizations (on-premises). Configuration data is used to define custom functions that are stored in custom entities (tables). A typical example of configuration data is the definition of settings in Unified Service Desk for Dynamics 365.

To get acquainted with the available data migration tools by easily connecting files to given entities and corresponding records, you can visit our market place

Bever has experience in completed data migration projects of varying complexity


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