Our ideas, approaches and solutions are the result of many years of experience in dealing with the needs of our customers, which are dynamically developing and expanding. Our solutions are based on the most innovative software tools, including the Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Power platform. Bever systems solutions are easily deployed and ready-to-use applications  that require minimal configuration and can be used almost immediately after deployment. Our solutions use built-in data protection using Azure Active Directory.

Our range of solutions includes
- Digital Transformation Consulting based on Dynamics 365 and Power Platform
- Process automation and financial management
- Data migration and integration of various systems
- Visualization and data analysis,
- Reporting, Forecasting and Risk Management
-- Development of advanced technological tools for the effective implementation of projects and the productive work of end users

Digital Transformation Consulting 

Digital Transformation Consulting based on Dynamics 365 and Power Platform

To successfully conduct digital transformation consultations, we carefully perform the following steps in the shortest possible time
- express conversation with the customer's specialists (from employees to managers, CEOs and owners)
- monitoring the daily work of employees of the organization
- preparation of a specialized presentation on the implementation of the stages of digital transformation and feedback processing, including discussion, objections, comments. At this stage, our user experience, technological and industry knowledge, and our own development tools are used to the maximum. At all stages of consultations, we adhere to our corporate strategy - to exceed the client's expectations
- assessment of the achievability of key target indicators, risk analysis and relevant expert opinions.
consultations are carried out taking into account all wishes and objections and relevant justifications
Digital transformation consultations mainly include the following steps
1. Preparing a pre-meeting with a client. Our team of Solution Architects and Technical Consultant, using their own methods of preparing for a meeting with a client, draw up a meeting plan, the purpose of which is to identify the needs of the client, his vision and get the maximum return for further actions.
2. Introductory meetings with clients. Solution Architects and Technical Consultant, with a wide range of technical resources at their fingertips, help clients answer questions. This is a great opportunity to learn about the client's current environment, needs, and desired outcomes. At this stage, it is important to obtain comprehensive information that ensures the completeness of the data for preparing a solution. For greater clarity, often technical and architectural specialists translate technical topics into a more business-oriented discussion.
3. Responses to requests for proposals (RFPs). This phase involves preparing answers to difficult technical questions and testing their feasibility in accordance with the appropriate level of technological capability.
4. Solution prediction. Bever's team conducts research and generates ideas on how to approach the client's problem. Solution foresight is simply considering the customer's needs and then translating those needs into a concept for a proposed solution.

Process automation & Finance

 Bever's solutions, thanks to process automation tools in Dynamics 365 and enhanced with special functions, allow you to plan the execution of processes, including server batch processing.

At the same time, program tracking tools allow end users to control the entire process from initiation and launch to completion and delivery of final results. Users can easily prioritize the launch of processes, conduct scheduling of the execution of processes, change the order of execution depending on the intermediate values of certain indicators.
Process automation is directly related to various subsystems, in particular, financial management. The occurrence of certain events or changes in the values of indicators in the database can cause the execution of certain operations, for example, changes in financial indicators in the database. Thus, a financial manager can always receive an up-to-date profit and loss report in real time with one click, since a change in any indicator of expenses or financial receipts immediately initiates the launch of the corresponding code.
Similarly, real-time sales of products trigger the process of adjusting the margin of products sold.

Bever's portfolio of process automation and financial management solutions has a wide range of applications for industries such as energy, pharmaceuticals, banking, manufacturing and maintenance of complex equipment. These solutions cover such tasks as change management, quality control, management of standard operating procedures, deviations of key indicators and determination of necessary corrective and preventive actions.

Our process automation solutions meet all the required standards and are constantly evolving as the business develops and the needs of our customers are shaped.

Digital Transform for Field Service

Bever's  solution for service helps organizations deliver field services to customers perform predictive analytics and preventive actions to keep operations running smoothly.

  This solution is built on the Dynamics 365 platform and includes both customization of standard functionality and additional features developed for a specific industry. For example, maintenance of wind turbines or complex equipment in pharmaceutical production. Bever's solution represents a specialized model of field service organization from planning and tracking processes to completion and analysis of works results. At the heart of the solution is data-enabled efficiency by providing field service technicians with comprehensive situational awareness for productive job planning, parts preparation and tooling. The system implements the functions of managing the life cycle of service contracts and tracking the status of service requests. 

main features (key capabilities)

1. Creation of initial base: client assets (equipment, machines...), service contracts, types of incidents and related work orders, list of spare parts, inventory of them, certificates of engineers and technicians and tracking of their expiration dates.
Asset management capabilities to track client hardware and service history.

2.Service request management. Handling service requests according to a preventive maintenance contract or according to a customer request for an incident (hardware failure). The Bever solution adjusts the ready-made functions and, if necessary, supplements them with new features according to the real needs of the customer.

3. Work Order optimization. Scheduling work orders based on priority, the availability of certified engineers and technicians, and the required tools and equipment needed to complete the orders.

4. Asset management capabilities. Tracking client hardware and service history. Tracking the progress of work, processing the results, preparing analytical reports that will help in the future to more accurately determine work orders with similar incidents.

The main advantage of the Bever solution is a sharp reduction in maintenance costs due to timely preventive maintenance and repair work already at the first visit to the customer's site. This was achieved thanks to the implemented machine learning, which is based on the analysis of the accumulated results of practical maintenance (empirical data) and the subsequent refinement of work orders for each type of incident.

Technological solutions (Software Tools for Developers)

Among the technological developments of Bever, the development of controls based on the PowerApps Component Framework (PCF) occupies a key place.


 Built on models and apps,  management tools help improve the user experience with data in forms, views, and dashboards. The line of management tools is constantly expanding.
You can read more about this here.

Unlike HTML web resources, code components are visually part of the same context. When downloading related components, the PCF codes are also downloaded at the same time, thereby providing a user-friendly experience with a unified interface. 

On the pages of Bever's marketplace you can look up PCF codes such as

- Drag and Drop Area

- Drag and Drop Grid

- Schedule Board View

- Time Picker


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Manage your company starting from procurement and human resource management up to finances and teamwork. Bever's solutions on Microsoft Dynamics 365 platform provide small and medium companies full control over key processes, accuracy in formulating tasks and means to analyze needs so that to create conditions for effective work. Implementing innovations we help companies to realize the following 5 main strategies:

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  • Marketing and product strategy
  • Sales strategy
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